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[リアルオーディオ]"bakudan" from live @ sonpalace, hakata, fukuoka.
live @ loft
news 1998 Boxset 9/23/98 Release!!
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Boxset 9/23/98 Release!!

TECN-60415 \6,000 (Tax Include)
3CD + VHS (Original Master tapes and Rare Live 1974) Further Information
sonhouse @ before sonrise....... SecretLIVE 2/22/98
Original RecordingMEMBERS for the first 22years
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Check!! [KingSnakeBlues(1974)] Thanks for BeaNET's Stream
Hibiya YaON 1974
Hibiya YaON 1974

Primal Member of the Band:

Kiku; Vocal, Harp
Tetsuo Shinoyama; Guitar
Makoto Ayukawa; Guitar, Bottleneck, Harp
KenIchi Urata; Drums(-1973)
Takashi Hamada; Bass(-1972)

Original RecordingMEMBER :

Kiku; Vocal, Harp
Tetsuo Shinoyama; Guitar(-1976)
Makoto Ayukawa; Guitar, Bottleneck, Harp
Toshihiro Nara; Bass(-1977)
ShinIchi "Onihei" Sakata; Drums(-1977)

Replaced :

Kazuhide Kawashima; Drums(-1978)
Takeshi Asada; Bass(-1978)
Yoshihide Bandou; Guitar(-1978)

Re-Unioned @ 1982 summer :

Kiku; Vocal, Harp
Makoto Ayukawa; Guitar
KenIchi Urata; Drums
Toshihiro Nara; Bass

Hibiya YaON 1974

CD Now from Teichiku Records

U Chyou Ten (Original Released in 1975) TECN-15288
Ni Wa Ka (Original Released in 1976) TECN-18135
Do Live (Original Released in 1977) TECN-18136
Poison (Kompiled Released in 1983) TECN-15289

from miscellaneous Records

Street Noise (Original Released in 1980) COLUMBIA YP-2503-AX
CRAZY DIAMOND (Original Released in 1983) JVC INVITATION VIH-28148
HOUSE RECORDED (Original Released in 1987) VIVID SOUND CHOP-1208
Back To The Live 1972 (Bootleged Released in 1991) Kings World Records KKCD1972
HIGHWAY 61 Vol.1(Bootleged Released in 1994) ?? Records
HIGHWAY 61 Vol.2(Bootleged Released in 1994) ?? Records

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Just Started off the Page of SonHOUSE's "A Legend of KingSNAKE" . Sure Gonna be One of the GreatARCHIVES of JapaneseRockSCENE. Thanks for BeaNET and Hiroshi"DeadHEAD CaptainYAMPO" Ohgami.
Thanks to BeaNET for Pictures

'bout SecretLIVE 2/22/98
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